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We’re musicians too!

Why work with Classixstageproductions?

Choosing a knowledgeable company to organize or manage your next (inter)national event, concert tour, or production is one of the most important steps you may take in the process of achieving a rewarding service experience. Traveling (inter)nationally with a group is complex, and because of this, making sure the organization and a great experience for all is a task best left in the hands of a seasoned and knowledgeable professional. The question remains: Which (tour) company should you hire?

Classixstageproductions GmbH is a company that is passionate about details, organizational management, traveling, and the music of and for every one of our clients. Our goal is your (inter)national success. For years, we have worked as professional musicians in Europe, and toured the United States and Asia as well. We count it a privilege to help you and to walk you through the organizational process you face in preparation of your (inter)national concert tour or production.

Our Story

Managing Director Jacobus Hermsen is a world-traveler who speaks fluent English, German, Dutch, and French, and is passionate about music and ensuring a great experience for you. From start to finish, our Classixstageproductions Management Team will assist you in covering each detail and encourage you to think about unique productions and concert venues where other companies might not bring you.

As President of the North Carolina Bach Festival, violist at Sidewalk Opera, (former) principal viola at orchestras in The Netherlands, Germany and Austria, and as a passionate chamber musician, Jacobus has a reputation for professionalism, creative thinking and attention to detail. His goal is to help you achieve (inter)national attention for your travel company, venue, orchestra, choir, band, or theatre group, as well as a rewarding experience for everyone involved. No matter how large or small your group may be, at Classixstageproductions, we are committed to provide you with a custom-designed service tailored to your needs.

Jacobus Hermsen – Managing Director

Donald Martin – Classix Tours

Esther Videsott – Productions

Hana Berger – Artist Management

Isabelle Kammerer – Artist Management

Florian Förner – Classix im Coselpalais

Our Partners:
Nagy Germuth & Partners – International Tax Consultant & Law
Design Studio 3eni – Graphic Design / Website
Cochran Creative Group – Marketing
Allianz SE – Insurance
Classix Tours LLC – USA Travel Company


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